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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 9 2022 7:28PM
  1. 3. What should happened on monday in order to make it an unforgettable game?

    : Keep the control of the ball and make the same move as much as possible to open spaces, also find the balance between every sector of the pitch. To make it perfect? A clean sheet.

    Cris: it would be great if we win with a goal scored by Felipe , he has tried to shoot in the last games but he missed the target. Also I would like to see a goal from Amga with his right leg, that would be miraculous.

    Oleh: I hope Nana will score another amazing goal. I really think this is a difficult game, we need to keep 90 minutes of concentration and improve our chances. It is very simple.

    Amga: Just enjoy the game and win in a beautiful game. We want to play more as a team than individually but our players always surprise us with amazing skills. Of course not injuries and not cards. Admire the opponents game, respect but not lose.

    4. Tiago, Cris has been on fire the previous games, can you stop him? He thinks he will score at least 2 goals.

    : As I said , Cris is a strong player and very decisive, but we are definitely capable of stopping him. I’m happy he’s confident to play because I feel the same confidence on the team and on myself, will be a bigger challenge and this will for sure give us a boost.

    4. Cris, you will a strong defense but quite slow like Tony or tall and a little bit static like Patrick. Are you gonna target them with your amazing dribbles?

    : I always try to dribble in order to create advantage for my team. So, yes i will try my best to make good dribbles and make the people who come to watch happy and entertained.

    4. Oleh, after Ross departure, do you have more freedom up front or Angel, Nana and Carlos will still take all the good chances leaving you behind?

    : No, I think Ross gave me freedom because he took a lot of balls. Angel Nana Carlos are very good players. At this point, it is about the complexity of the game. If we learn to play all for the team, not for ourselves, then we can win the league

    4. Amga, last game we noticed that you had to do a lot of work defensively, is it because Felipe is not reliable or Dido thinks that you are more valuable defensively than offensively?

    : I just try my best to help offensively and defensively. It was a tough game and we needed to cover each other’s backs.

    Thanks for your time, see ya on monday !