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SAST: Nanshan cup 2022 Draw   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 17 2022 10:51AM
  1. 2022 Nanshan Cup is here.

    Our All Stars Team is ready for another tough season.
    Last year we got third place in B division, this year the much tougher A division is waiting us.

    The team has been reshuffled during the winter break, many players left China and some new faces are ready to shine.

    Nikola, JB, Mimi, Stefan, Dj, Bamfo, Wellington, Aleks (Tigers)
    Tony, Oleh, Nana, Patrick, Carlos, Angel, Tiago (Athletics)
    Dima, Boudi, Nico, Oleg (Monsters)
    Jury, Evan, Aroni (Greater Bay)
    Chemago, Amga (Eagles)
    Nikola (Dragons)
    Sait (Gladiators)

    There are many other Siafl players involved in Nanshan cup, some in our same group stage, some in B division (Eleven Wise team and Shuiwen plays there).

    We wish everyone a great tournament injury free.

    As follow the draw results and photos.