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Come to support SIAFL All Stars Team at the last match of the group stage of 11 tournament.   

  1. By: Admin
    May 22 2018 9:46AM
  1. Here is a short interview with Sanna Jury (Head Coach) of SIAFL All stars team:

    Dmitry A ( Webmaster): "What do you expect from the match tonight?"

    Jury: "Tuesday May 22nd, the team has the last game of the group stage. Being already safely first in our group, tonight game will be about fitness and fun.
    Injured players will be resting and due to the hard Siafl season and last night developments we will have a short numbers of players available. Said so, we expect a good margin win and the usual great spirit

    Dmitry: "Can you give me the list of players for tonight?"

    Jury: "We will never give line ups before the game, it is not going to happen, but i can give you list of injured players, or probably who is out".

    Dmitry: "Tomas (GK) is out, Sebastian (GK) is out, how do you want to play without goalie? Why do you have 2 keepers only? For 11 aside usually there are 3 keepers."

    Jury: "I have Aleksander who can play keeper. All the keepers are already bored. Why do we need 3?:) Not in a group stage."

    Injured players
    JB, Yura, Zoran, Oscar, Sebastian

    Situation in Groups: