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Siafl All Stars at Nanshan Cup

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Jun 6 2024 7:05AM
  1. Hello community,

    We finally have our 11aside schedule for Nanshan Cup:

    6/18, Tuesday at 9:00, vs 小池塘远辰
    7/4, Thursday at 9:00, vs 翠柏·吉兆村
    7/21, Sunday at 7:30, vs 兴隽

    Game will be played at Taoyuan, same locaion as our monday league.

    Team List:
    Tiago, Belem, JB, Tony, Sasha, Oscar, DimaP, Stefan, Leonel, Oleh, AlexP, Victor, DimaS, Kevin, Junior, Alibek, AlexK, Vandinho, Tife, Bauk, Steven, Veto, Gabi, Aroni, Marko.

    We hope to see you there cheering for the team.


    Watch Live:

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