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  1. By: Dmitry Antonov
    May 21 2022 8:36AM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games, let's hear from them!

    Stefan (Tigers) Overall the game went in a very friendly atmosphere. Gladiators are cool, no arguing between the teams, not too many fauls.

    Dido (Eagles) Last Monday we had a tough game we were totally surprised of the opponent and the tactic they used against us we tried to control the game due to the technical and skills differences but the opponent showed a great collective game they bothered us we couldn’t play they way we used to luckily we went through it and we got the 3 points but now we should be more careful and take each game more seriously and try to manage our injuries and focus more on the pitch , this season seems to be a tough one which make the competition more exciting.

    Anton (Dragons) Each goal matters in a game with Athletics. It was a difficult match (as expected) against on of the top teams in SIAFL. Two goals on the first minutes of the first and second half were a proof to the fact that football is a game where you need determination and focus during all the playing time. Enjoyed the game, but aimed for 3 points. Looking forward for the second leg.

    Tony (Athletics) The game this week was a tough hard fought battle against a determined Dragons team. We played well in patches but still need to work on our team play more, especially in the final third, where I thought we were wasteful. Added to that gifting them the fourth goal didn’t help and you can be giving slopping goals away in this league if we want to stand a chance of competing at the right end of the table come crunch time! Overall it’s a good point, probably a fair one, and something for us to build on moving forward.

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    George (Shuiwen) Overall a good game, good intensity, we are still getting use to the league here.

    Umid (Monsters) Interesting opening game for us against experienced Chinese team. We lost it in first half but almost come back to make a draw at the end. The guys fought well, there is big potential in our team and we will get better from match to match. Happy for Michael who scored 2 goals and hope this season he will become one of top scorers of the SIAFL. Also Cedric performed an excellent match being the oldest player (48 years old) in the pitch.

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    Julius (G and D) Unhappy about the result but pleased with the performance. We’re gaining confidence and belief each week. We pick ourselves up and move onto the next game.

    Sait (Gladiators) It was a match whose tempo lasted until the last minute. Both sides fought for the win. We are a new team and we will get better day by day. We have this potential. A win would have taken us to a very different level mentally, but sometimes a loss teaches us good lessons. That was a good game , congratulations to the Tigers.