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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    May 22 2022 6:33AM
  1. Young teams old fellas

    Ahead of our busy monday schedule, we interviewed two key players of Gladiators and George and Dragons.
    Gregor (George and Dragons): G
    Akif (Gladiators): A

    1. Monday you will play against Gladiators/G&D Two new teams, both at 0 points after a tough start of the season. Do you think you will win the game and how important will it be for your team?

    G: It wasn’t the best start for both teams and I don’t think we should judge it on the first two games. We had a very satisfactory match against Eagles and Gladiators an even better game (the result showed that) against the Tigers.. so it will be a tough one, but of course we are going for a win. The guys are practicing and training hard between the games and a win would be important to prove that the practice paid off.

    A: Yes, It will be a great meeting with George &Dragons. Of course, We will be there to win for sure. It`s not that much important for only win a game, it is important to get 3 points for upcoming games. We want to be first team for SIAFL history, whom is win the league or cup in established year.

    2. Would a third loss affect the morale of your team? Are you ready for this possibility? Are the younger guys ready for it?

    G: The third loss would not effect the morale of the team. The chemistry between the guys after the first two games is even better than before the season.. everyone is giving everything and are willing to fight for each other.

    A: Yes, if we lost the game it will demoralise us. But I don`t think we will lose this battle, coz we are Gladiators in the arena!

    3. If you gotta name it, who will be the key player for your team in the incoming match?

    G: I will name our goalie Ciarán Holloway as the key player against Gladiators.. he will keep a clean sheet and we will do the rest.

    A: All our players are important for us but Sait SEKER will be the key player as our striker.  We are waiting his first hat-trick for this season.