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El Matador de Cadiz   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    May 23 2022 9:56AM
  1. Welcome back Angel, we have few questions for our website.

    1. Hows your injury?

    Now, after more than 3 weeks, I feel good to play again. But I need time to get in shape for the league. Thanks for asking.

    2. Seems you officially changed team this year, why Athletics?

    I already played with Tigers and Monsters/wolves in the past. I also played with Jury as a coach for the SIAFL all stars. I wanted to play with different people and different manager.

    3. Kolo has been a mascotte for the whole Siafl community, do you feel threaten by his success? Are you his Robin?

    Kolo is the best supporter in SIAFL. He is a super star, I´m just his manager.

    4. You were top scorer (with Ruan) last season, can you claim the title also this season? Which other players will be in contention?

    Uffff probably not, I've already missed 2 games and I'm not so fit at the moment. But there are still many matches to play, in football you never know.

    5. We had many inquiries about your relationship status lately. Are you still single?

    That´s right. My only partner is Kolo [Facepalm]