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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    May 25 2022 11:38AM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games, let's hear from them!

    Stefan (Tigers)
    Very close and competitive game all the way through. Monsters had a good game plan, pressed us well, didn’t let us build up easily. If it went the other way, wouldn’t be undeserved, but gotta win some games that you don’t dominate as well.

    Umid (Monsters)
    Intense and beautiful football performance from both teams. Tough game for both sides and it's pleasure to watch such games in the league. We showed the team spirit, attitude and made sweat last year champions. Our game strategy worked well, except few mistakes which cost us points. This match gave us confidence that we can beat any team in the league and real potential of players has not reached the highest point yet. We deserved at least a draw from this game but it's football and the luck was in opponent's side today. We will work harder to improve our game and looking forward for the next week match to get our first victory points for this season.

    Dido (Eagles)
    Monday game was the toughest so far. We were unlucky since we missed many chances, we were leading the game and the score. Maybe because of our numerous missing injured players we lost the win but i believe that in football sometimes luck play a role and we were unlucky. Now we are focused on our next game which will be tougher so good luck to us.

    Anton (Dragons)
    It was another hard game and the first goal by Cris made Dragons the ones who have to press and score. Guys put all effort to attack and let Eagles fault on Nikola. Goran scored an unbelivable goal which gave us another reason to forget what is defensive mode, hence Amga punished us. On 1:2 I was nervously running forth and back on the wing cheering up for our attackers to equalize. Dragan's shot broke the opponents net, I believe it will be one of the top goals of the season. Last two games were very entertaining, I prefer them over EPL. Looking forward to same emotions in the next game against Tigers.

    Julius (G and D)
    We’re gutted about the result last night. The boys deserved better. We were incredibly unlucky and felt hard-done by the referee. On any other day the result would have been different. However, that’s football, we pick ourselves up and move onto the next game with even more determination to get our first win.

    Sait (Gladiators)
    Overall, it was a game where neither side was able to play and noone was able to prevail. It was a good match. We are happy to have won and to have the first 3 points of this season.

    Aroni (Greater Bay)
    Last Monday’s game against Shuimen F.C obviously did not go to plan for GB. We had a few of our starters missing that game due to some personal reasons, others because of card suspension. Our goalkeeper stood out well and saved us on a number of occasions. Overall, the team performed alright but could be done better on our part. One part that amazed me is the referee, as he was outstanding, fair, and handled heated situations better than other refs we ever had in the league.

    George (Shuimen)