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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    May 27 2022 4:31AM
  1. Ahead of our big match of gw4 Tigers Vs Dragons, this week we interviewed their two topscorers: JB and Ogy

    1. Are Tigers/Dragons ready for monday game? How's the team morale? Do you have any player injured?

    JB: We are always ready and looking forward to performing regardless of the opponent or circumstances. Unfortunately, our captain Stefan got injured in the match vs Pacific, and we hope he can recover by Monday. Otherwise, he needs to play only using one leg because we might not have enough people to start the match again. Anyway, yes. We are very optimistic about Monday.

    Ogy: Last two weeks we had two super difficult games and we went through better than we expected, except having our goalie out of game, moral is high and we are definitely read for Monday, we have solution.

    2. Is it important to win such a big match? More important than win against a low table team?

    JB:"Big" match or "small" match, the points are awarded the same way, so for Tigers, the plan is the same as in previous years - to win all games we play. We are happy that the League is more competitive this season, so every 3 points give us more joy.

    Ogy: Winning this match can bring a lot for both teams but honestly i don't think this match will decide a lot. Many good teams this year and many not easy matches in front of both those teams, so...

    3. What do you expect from your own performance?

    JB: Less one-touch passes to the opponents' feet (please, don't watch the highlights of the SIAFL vs Pacific match).

    Ogy: It's fact that I scored most goals in my team so far but this year we are definitely playing team football more than individual. I'll give my best on the pitch to help teammates, that's my goal every game.

    4. What's the tactical key to stop Dragons/Tigers? Any of their players worries you?

    JB: Tactical key? Maybe invite them to Richkat on Sunday night. But I definitely need help from more experienced Tigers players. For the rest, we will just go, play and show what we are capable of at the moment. Improvisation is a big part of our performance. Coach just told us "play beautiful football".

    Ogy: We know each other very well, played against each other and with each other many times, they have many quality players but we are not worried about any individual one.

    5. Which Tigers/Dragons player will make the difference on Monday?

    JB: You never know. Usually, the people I give a lot of unnecessary pressure and comments (here should be another word) perform much better. Andres can confirm. So in this regard, I'd say everyone is a potential hero.

    Ogy: As i said before, we count on teamwork this season... Our defender Dragan scored amazing goal against Eagles, midfielder Goran's goal was more than beautifull, Nikola even if he didn't score he played best game so far, let's see on Monday.