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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    May 27 2022 4:45AM
  1. part2

    6. Ogy/JB thinks he will definitely score more goals than you this year, starting with this game. Will he? Anything you wanna say to him?

    JB: This is a no-brainer to me. Of course, he will score more. I want to see how many Ogy scores if he plays as a defender like me in some previous matches. If I score more goals in the upcoming games, I hope my coach and the SIAFL community will finally see my attacking potential. But at the moment, Tigers have more expensive cars in the strikers' garage. So I'm the one who needs to "add oil"!

    Ogy: Hahaha, my favourite question. Looking forward to see it at the end of the season. JB is great guy and great player i like his confidence. Wish him to score 3 goals on Monday but without taking even a one point from the game [Grin]

    7. We heard that you had some tactical disagreements with your coach Nikola, care to comment? And many players complain that they are having not enough time on the pitch.

    JB: I know that our haters like to share some misleading information. We don't care about it that much. Whatever has been said on the pitch stays on the pitch. Regarding the second question, we had a bad experience of making everyone happy previously, which is not a workable model if you want to be a Champion. So I think everyone in our team more or less understands his role now. On the other hand, modesty is not appreciated in Tigers. If people dare to speak, it shows their ambitions and desires to play. The ones who left the Tigers are the top players in their new teams. That indicates the level of the competitive environment within our squad, which is not easy to be managed at times.

    7. Dragons team is famous for good season starts follow by big internal problems. Is it because of Anton attitude or because of the players?

    Ogy: We started really good. We had some difficulties before season start, I was even close to give up of making this team, we are so often unpredictable but we made it somehow. I gave my best to save a team in this critical moments and i don't regret about that at all. Anton gave me also some kind of support and we all in Dragons appreciate that.

    Thanks for your time, see ya on monday !