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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 15 2022 7:15AM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games, let's hear from them!

    Dido (Eagles)
    The game was top, everyone enjoyed watching it. Was competitive, beautiful and the most important thing was the fair play. We both enjoyed the game too much and we even didnt want it to end. Technically speaking, we continued creating alot of chances and missing most of them as the previous games. We believe wins will come and bad luck will go away .Looking for another top quality game next week against the champions (Tigers) hope we'll be lucky and get the 3 points.

    Tony (Athletics)
    Our game last night was a good game, 2 strong teams! A much improved performance from us albeit left deflated at the end! After a cagey first half with few chances, I was happy to be leading! Second half we had a string of really good chances and should have put the game to bed before gifting them a lifeline! This forced us more and more back! Much better performance and onwards to next week. Must win game now next week!!

    Sait (Gladiators)
    A game that starts with bad luck from beginning to end. If we had been more aggressive, we might have left with another result. When we show that we are the side that wants to win more, many factors will change for us. Congrats to Monsters.

    Umid (Monsters)
    Our performance was not good today, especially when it comes to score. We will need to work more on that point, also have to work on mental as we are getting relaxed after leading in score. Glad to get 3 more points and 3 times winning in a row. We will continue working on improving our game as 3 difficult games with direct opponents are ahead.

    George (Shuimen)

    Julius (G and D)
    We’re up against a great team and 2nd best from the get go. we’re still building chemistry and structure and we struggled.

    Aroni (Greater Bay)
    The game was a very intense game for both teams. It was a very competitive match. We played our game until we lost concertation. Good start to Greater Bay as the match continued to the second half the boys certainly lost their concertation. Lesson learned we won't allow it to happen again. The opponent outperformed us in the second half, but we couldn’t maintain our lead after the red card.

    Anton (Dragons)
    One of the most emotional games so far. We started the game with idea that we are stronger and will easily get 3 points, but this plan didn't match with Greater Bay. I asked Nikola if we can win this game when he came out in the end of the first half, his answer was "we conceded too many goals in the beginning, I think it's too much for us". It was pretty much my feeling, and the team was down after the first half. In the second half Vanilla (John Zhuang) came to prove he is the game changer and scored the most important goal. We came back to 3:4. When Shafik got the second yellow, I started to celebrate 3 points. I hate that effective throw in by Jury which caused Greater Bay lead, we had to come back again and there was too less time for it. Dragons don't know how to play in losing game situation. I want to mention great defense play by Dragan which neutralized strong individual players and wish him the best opportunities back to Serbia (this was his last game) he was our key defensive player of the first six Game weeks.