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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 19 2022 4:52PM
  1. 3. What should happened on monday in order to make it an unforgettable game? (Like a 90minutes score from a keeper)


    Felipe has been practicing a celebration …He will show Bamfo his dance skills.

    Well... DJ score a long or medium range goal would be enough for me.That guys never try it out. Another option would be a penalty at the end. 3 - 3 and our coach Nikola shouts my name: DIEGO it's on You. 4 - 3 Tigers +3 points That would never happen but dream is for free right?!

    That at the end of the game both teams enjoy the game, nobody get injured and the ref make a great job.

    Ithink it will be a very balanced game and both teams will have great chances to score because of the way both teams proposed the game.

    4. Chema, Cris appeared to be Eagles superstar, will you reclaim that title or is he so much better than you?


    Chema and Cris are super Eagles they are unbeatable [Facepalm][Facepalm]

    4. Diego, you are now basically Dj backup, when will Nikola consider you a starting player? Isn't Dj too old, should he retire and let you command the defense?


    Our partnership at the back has a good balance between experience and quality, DJ mix both by himself and share to me hahaha. I still have a lot to learn from him so I wish we can share the field for longer. Retirement?! He still young to think about that!

    4. Oscar, Tigers told me that they dont miss you at all, you hold the ball too long and they are a better team now. Wanna reply?


    That's amazing! I'm happy tigers is stronger and better now! And they are right I was the problem before! Hahahhaa 🤣 now I'm the problem in eagles [Lol][Lol][Lol][Lol]

    4. Dj, seems some young fellas in your team thinks you should retire. What are you now, 54?

    [Lol][Lol] “I think every team is different, every era is different. There’s no use in comparing eras because squads will throw up different personalities. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute and be part of this new generation as well. (His real reply was: Jury, until your fat ass play, i can easily dominate and never retire [Lol])

    Thanks for your time, see ya on monday !