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THE DAY AFTER GW7 part1   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 22 2022 5:23AM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games, let's hear from them!

    Eagles 2:4 Tigers

    Tristan, how was the game vs Tigers? You guys are losing points in the last weeks and the top of the table is now quite far away. Can you still win the league?

    Tristan (Eagles)
    As you know, the matches are very competitive this year, all the teams are performing really well. Against Tigers we started good , we scored first, we controlled ball first 20 mins, but finally lost. I can’t say we played bad, it was our small mistakes and first half we got 5 injured important players and finally lost. True, we couldn't get good results in some matches, especially last 2 matches lost important points, probably due to concentration problems, but let me also point out that the last two matches were with Athletics and Tigers, the two most assertive teams of the last 2 seasons. We will look ahead. I'm sure we will get good results in second half of league!

    Stefan, how was the game vs Eagles? We noticed you signed a couple of new/old faces, were you that worry? Oscar got injured vs his old team, sounds like you guys didn't gave him a friendly game.

    Stefan (Tigers)
    Tough game all the way through. Not as nice as it should have been, we didn’t keep our stile of play most of the time, but we got the win. We are happy to have Dima back from a back injury, and we’ve been talking with Feifei about joining for weeks now. He is a class player and a cool guy, we are glad to have him with us, especially after Ruan and Jacinto left. I’m sad that things escalated at times, the ref should have kept better control of the game. Also, I’m sorry that Oscar got injured, I don’t know how severe it is, but I hope he’ll get well soon and be back on the pitch.

    Monsters 0:6 Athletics

    Umid, how was the game vs Athletics? Your result was the biggest surprise of the night, what happened?

    Umid (Monsters)
    Tough game with score which doesn’t reflect the picture of game. We were not good in finishing even though we had plenty of occasions. The opposing team was well prepared and scored when it’s needed. That’s football and we were not lucky enough today. The season is long. We will continue on working and fight for the victory the next game. Thanks for all players, they did fight for each moment during the game. Mentally they were better and they won with class, the score is big surprise for us too. Thiago saved all shoots and we missed the others…It was equal game for creating chances but not the same as a final score.

    Tony, how was the game vs Monsters? You just destroyed a tough team, you have two easier games ahead, can you get second spot before the summer and hunt the Tiger?

    Tony (Athletics)
    We feel that we have been playing well, with the exception of Tigers. So for us we were expecting the win. Last nights game was a good performance from us. We started strong and got the early goal, followed by some very good chances to put the game to bed early. However as usual we failed to take our chances, allowing them to grow into the game. Second half came and we were indebted to Tiago, who pulled off a few fine saves. But a deserved win on the whole. Let’s move on again and finish the half a season strong with 2 more victories! If we finish second or third is a good half for us.