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THE DAY AFTER GW7 part2   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 22 2022 5:29AM
  1. Greater Bay 6:0 Gladiators

    Aroni, how was the game vs Gladiators? Looking at the ranking it was a must win for GB. Where you worry of losing another position to a direct rival?

    Aroni (Greater Bay)
    The game went according to plan. There was a few down times in terms of the intensity of the game but our boys picked up the messes and played to our standard. Many of the players stepped up and played hard. It was a bit of concern to concede but that didn’t happen. Defensively we played well.

    Sait, how was the game vs GB? Looking at the ranking it was a must win for you, did you believe you could win and get that 6th spot? How's yours and Akif knee?

    Sait (Gladiators)
    I'm feeling better while Akif is still in pain but he will be.ok.
    It was a game where we started without morale because of injuries and missing players. Then another injury comes in the game. We continued the match but we lacked substitutions and 4 of the our top 8 players. These circumstances left us no choice but to give the ball to the opponent and go on the defensive. It was a game we had to win and we knew that, but in football, as in real life, the ball doesn't always come from where you want it. You need to prepare yourself accordingly in advance. I believe that we will recover with the return of our injured players and the few players we will bring to the team. By the way we are lost the game and we need to congratulate to GB like a gentlemen.

    Dragons 4:8 Shuimen

    Luka, you were 4/2 up Vs the 2nd best team in the league, what happened? Does Dragons have a cards problem?

    Luka (Dragons)
    We started the game as we planned. Gained possession and had the game under our control. More then one hour in it and was all good, but then we got unfortunate red card and it changed everything. After, we got one more red, but crazy thing about red cards? There were no tackles or rough playing. Next week we will have some problems with roster but we are going for a win in every single game. Our mission is first place and we have to keep fighting.

    George, how was your game Vs Dragons? You are now basically the only team who can fight with Tigers for the title, what are your chances? Getting use to Siafl?