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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 25 2022 8:28AM
  1. 6. Ogy. Monsters come from a very heavy defeat last week, can you take advantage of it? Are you ready to sign more players to overcome your bans?

    Ogy (Dragons)
    About Monday game with Monsters, my only wish is to get enough players to play this game. They had heavy defeat of 6 goals last Monday but we are coming without 6 players (5 from starting 8). Looks like we both had a terrible week behind, team which lose will be definitely in double trouble after upcoming Monday. Anyway, we are ready to "fight" till the last man [Fist]

    7. Enes, How's your team? Ready for flying Eagles? You both have injuries, can you surprise all Siafl and get 3 points? You are banned, i heard you will be coaching and making big changes for monday game

    Enes (Gladiators)
    Yes man we have so many injuries it makes us very sad, but our other players are good enough to make fire on Monday in the pitch. The boys will try their best for the win. I will get my drum on Monday and I will deafen Eagles players [Lol][Lol]

    8. Felipe. How is Eagles mood? Gladiators thinks they can beat you as: 1. Your league contention is over 2. You will underestimate them. Less Oscar (injured), more Dido on the pitch, how is it gonna affect Eagles?(Btw, I'm still waiting to see your goal celebration)

    Felipe (Eagles)
    Eagles mood is okay always happy, the match against Gladiators would be interesting same as every match... we will try do our best and we believe in every player we got... Let's see if this match can be celebration time.

    9. Tim. George&Dragons have been struggling until now, you played vs them, do you think they will improve and any suggestion for them?

    Tim (Greater Bay) George&Dragons is a good team, if i remember well, it was 2:1 up untill the 70' when we played against them. I believe they already know what they could do better and maybe some luck is missing. I'm convinced they will improve their situation.

    10. Pablo. You played Vs Monsters, a hell of a game, then they lost 0/6 with Athletics. Any clue of why their performances are so erratics? Would you be a starting player in Monsters team?

    Pablo (Tigers)
    Its difficult to say why their performance is erratic. This is something they need to find out by themselves. I don’t know if I will be a starting player or not, I just hope that the time I am being given inside the pitch I can help as much as possible to win the game.

    11. Matthew. As things stand, it looks like you will fight with Gladiators at the bottom of the table. Who's the better team? Do you need new players or will you gel as a team and surpass them in the second part of the season?

    Matthew (George and Dragons)
    On our day we are, we have the players we just need to click as a team rather than individuals having inspirational moments We are always looking for new talent to bolster the team, but the plan is to keep the spine the same and keep players fighting for their spots in the team. I have to give it to Gladiators they are playing well but it’s just a matter of time before we surpass them as a team.