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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 25 2022 8:40AM
  1. 12. Pato. Dragons, every year they start strong and then drop their performances. You played them on 2nd game and draw. Do you think you would have 2 points more if you face them now?

    Patrick (Athletics)
    Dragons are a decent side. They are well organized and have a couple speedy wingers. I remember they got off to a very quick start against us scoring in the 1st minute. We managed to get back on top but they pegged it back again at the end. We’ll be ready for them next time!

    13. Michael. Athletics, beat you easily last week. Are they a league contender or the loss of Ross is gonna be impossible to overcome? Are they even gonna be over Monsters at the end of the season?

    Michael (Monsters)
    Although Athletics were the better team I don't think the final result was a fair reflection of the game. Whether Athletics are contenders or not I don't know- too early too tell. They are a well organised team and I expect them to finish high.

    14. Ogy. You best Eagles 3/2 some weeks ago, they seems to be in a low form recently same as your team, who will be ahead at the end? Do you think you have a better team than them?

    Ogy (Dragons)
    First 5 rounds we had some best opponents from league as Tigers, Eagles and Athletics, some of those teams are made by "super stars" and we were undefetead, we didn't lose a single game... Than last Monday we got special "referee" and camera off, we were up 4:2, playing our football for 65 minutes and than some strange things start happening. Anyway, if Eagles beat us next game we can open the topic "who is better", till than, it's clear [CoolGuy] Same about the other teams [Doge]

    15. Enes. You played Vs GB last week, they are having a poor season this year, do you think they will improve their rankings or are they gonna fight for 6th spot with you?

    Enes (Gladiators)
    I think GB start this season unlucky. They will go up for sure. I saw how they play as a team. Best wishes for all the teams.

    16. Felipe. Last week was a painful loss, are Tigers really unbeatable? Do they have any weakness?

    Felipe (Eagles) It was special, we got 2 players injured. Tigers are a nice team but you can beat them by keeping the ball and staying far from Belem 😂😂😂

    Thanks for your time, see ya on monday !