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THE DAY AFTER GW8 part1   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 28 2022 6:53PM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games, let's hear from them!

    Greater Bay 0:2 Tigers

    Aroni (GB)
    From my perspective, and many others’ perspectives the game on Monday could play out way differently for both teams if wasn’t for the referee to single handily giving the game to SZ Tigers. Whether it was by making wrong calls or trying to make up for his mistakes it turn out to work in the opposing team's favor. I’m satisfied with Greater Bay's performance they came out and play hard and fair we are just unlucky the referee didn’t put his bias on the side and his job.

    Stefan (Tigers)
    As expected, it was a tough game to play. We were hectic in the first 15-20 mins, but it got better second part of the first half. Greater Bay played well, but weren’t enough of a threat up front. Wins like this make us happy as they show good team effort and team spirit when it’s tough. We are sad that Milos got a bad injury and will be out for a while. We wish him a quick recovery and hope to see him on the pitch again as early as possible.

    George & Dragon 2:16 Athletic

    Julius (G&D)
    Horrendous scoreline to say the least. But he had our moments in this game. They’re a great team and bunch of lads and once we build our team properly we look forward to being more competitive second time round.

    Tony (Athletic)
    Last nights game, we enjoyed a comfortable night and took our chances ensuring the game was dead and buried before half time. Our defensive play was poor early on but after conceding we realised that we had to take more care and switch on defensively. After this, it gave us the freedom to play more expansive and try some new things in attack. The lads are still getting to know each other, this game was a nice game for them to learn to play and understand each other’s games more, gaining the chemistry we need moving forward. We hope to finish the half season strong with another comprehensive victory next week.