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THE DAY AFTER GW8 part2   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 28 2022 6:56PM
  1. Monsters 7:3 Dragons

    Umid (Monsters)
    Both teams came to the game with squad shortage due to different reasons and beginning of the match was at a very slow speed. Game changing moment for us was the the first goal of our captain Dima, after that we played more agressive. Our strategy for the second half worked well and we scored the goals when were needed, as well as controlling well the game with speed and combinations. Now, we got back the confidence on our game with this victory and showed that the previous game was really an unlucky day. Don’t want to mention anyone personally as we won with team effort and all players were part of it. Hope to finish the next game with the same mood and victory before having a well deserved summer break.

    Anton (Dragons)
    This was an awesome game and it showed the spirit of our team. We had the choice to forfeit the game or play without 5 key players (3 bans, 1 injury and 1 in lockdown). Finally we made it. I'm proud of our true supporters - Luka and Alex who commited to play regardless their health conditions, additionally want to thank Marko and Uros who came to support regardless their bans because of red cards. We were in a very difficult situation yesterday, but we overcame it as a real team. Additionally i want to welcome Gorgii who agreed to support us in the last moment and gave all his energy to fight with the team. We stand together and this is the strengh which we had to show while facing challenges.

    Gladiators 2:11 Eagles

    Sait (Gladiators)
    Overall, it was a game in which the Eagles played superbly. Even though we tried to disrupt their game, we couldn't do enough. We are losing blood due to players missing the last 4 games. We are aware of our shortcomings and will try to make up for it before the second half of the season begins. Btw Congratulations to the Eagles

    Tristan (Eagles)
    Yesterday's game was easier than we expected, but i can’t say Gladiators were bad , we played good . Of course , the important thing for us was to get three points. For us Half of the league almost over, i think we performed a little below what we expected, but we trust our team. We believe that we will get better results in the second half of the season. We do not have too much points difference from others, we believe that we will close it on second half of season. Need to take a rest with team and to get ready for second half. We wish success to all teams !!! Thanks and Regards !!!

    I wanna close this news with a huge cheer for Mimi who just got injured. All Siafl (except JB, who can finally take penalties) wish you a quick recovery and we hope that your new cyborg shoulder will help you get more girls than before.