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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Jul 2 2022 8:16AM
  1. Ahead of gameweek 8, let's focus on the big match Tigers Vs Shuimen.

    Baoxian (Shuimen)

    1. The Captain Tsubasa of Shuimen :D. How was Siafl so far? Did your team feel welcomed?


    2. Ready for Tigers? The reigning champions are dominating the league this year, can you beat them? The whole league might be cheering for you. Which of their players do you fear most?


    Andres (Tigers)

    1. Half season, how is Tigers family doing? You are a veteran of the league, has 2022 league been as good as the previous years?

    1.The league was very strong before the first pandemic situation. Our organizers did a great job of keeping it alive and it took some time to recover, but now it's about as strong as it has been in a really long time. There are no easy weeks, our team has to be prepared to fight every Monday. In addition the organization (videos, awards, photographers, website, additional teams) is fantastic this season, from this aspect its the best we've ever had.

    2. Big game ahead, Shuimen had a great season so far, will Tigers finally lose? Which one of your players will be decisive?

    2. We have never played Shuimen, but have been well aware of their results. They have beaten some very good teams, and drawn others. We expect a big fight on Monday and the repercussions will have a large effect on the outcome of the league title. Tigers look forward to the match, and hope it ends with a match full of highlights and finishes with a few beers by all of the players.

    Qianhao (Shuimen)

    1. Hi, half season is almost done, do you think your team performed well or could you have done better? What do you wanna achieve in this league?

    1. 球队表现和预期一样,初来乍到,整个联赛不会让我们轻松赢得比赛。我们参赛的目的就是学习更多的踢法战术,也希望能结交更多朋友.

    2. Monday you'll be playing against very tough defenders (the best of the league), will you score? What's the difference in playing against chinese and foreigners defenders?

    2. 很不幸周一和tiger的比赛我因个人原因不能参与。我认为最大的区别是对于足球的理解,和无论场外因素如何都能做到全力拼搏的精神.

    Bamfo (Tigers)

    1. Hi mad man:) Tigers concede less goals than anyone else in the league, but you dont seem to be a very popular keeper. Do you think you will have more praises if you were in a lower rank team? Is Nikola still hoping to get Milan back?

    1. Football is not a popularity contest so I’m not worried about being popular. In Tigers everyone gives their best that’s why we have conceded less goals. I don’t think being in a lower ranked team makes a difference in terms of popularity. Yes the coach does his best to get the best players for Tigers. Milan is the best a team can have. I’m honored to even be in the same team as him and would gladly share the post with him, also the team needs a good plan as I may be leaving Shenzhen or China soon.

    2. Monday will be a tough game vs the chinese team. Can you keep a cleansheet? No Mimi, who will score for Tigers?

    2. Yes, it would be a tough game and I’m not concerned about keeping a clean sheet. If it happens, then it’s an icing on the cake. The most important thing is to win the game. Thank you.

    Thanks for your time, see ya on monday !
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