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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Oct 28 2022 4:31PM
  1. David (Eagles)
    Our second leg of the season has been a roller-coaster. Despite our players have been fighting until end on each game, results hadn't been on our side for different reasons... but we still able to figure it out and move what we should move in order to improve our performance. To have new leaders in the standings shows the different way that the league has been going for each team, which is really good since last seasons the league was following same course for 2 or 3 teams only. Congrats to all the teams on the way they have been doing lately on the games!! I hope everyone keep going healthy and fully energy for the coming games and the Cup afterwards.

    Dan (Greater Bay)
    After another hiatus from siafl I came back for the last several games to make a few cameos for greater bay. Sadly, I missed two of the games in October through illness and a wisdom tooth but by all accounts everybody had a great time. Especially the athletics who look to take a well deserved title back to Oldham. I don’t really know many players and teams any more but that’s ok, everyone seems great and friendly, although some weird screamers have found their way in. Overall, greater bay struggled with injuries in the last game and struggled having to deal with the extra man (if you know, you know!). As the season is drawing to a close hopefully the cup and plate will be a good event to advertise siafl. That’s it from me, over and out.

    Marko (Dragons)
    Shenzhen Athletic is the best team this season, so far they have a stable team and good results all the season and i think there is no other team who will win league this year. About Dragons, we consolidated the team this month and had good results, now there will not be problems in this team until the end of the season. For next game i will come back in the field after 8 games ban, we will play against Chinese team, game will be good as they are a good team, but we will play our football and go for the win.

    Boudi (Monsters)
    As the winter is coming with it the end of the saison, the minds and hearts are beeing tested! This season, the teams were quite balance and we had some pretty good games. Our young team, Monster FC, did great for the past few weeks unfortunatly with some key players injured, difficult to keep the consistency. As a new team, we have done a great first part of the season and we don't have to be ashamed. I hope we will keep improving and come even stronger next season. For now, we keep focus on the last remaining games that we need to win.

    Dan (George and Dragon)
    This months been testament really to what footballs all about. A few weeks ago we was enduring quite a loading streak, and quite low on confidencez but then Anyone can beat anyone on their day. The team with the most heart on their day can surprise anyone. We recently shocked the sifl community by beating shuimen in the dying minutes of the game where actually we dominated the chances. These are the games that make us love the beautiful game.

    Edson (Gladiators)
    Well the first half of the season was quite tough for us as we are a new team in the league without any experience playing together. Things are getting better now, we start finding our style and play way better then before. The game last week against Monster is amazing, 6-6 at the end, I really thought I scored the winning goal at the 85th minute but they scored the equaliser at 88th minute. This is SIAFL! You never know what’s gonna happen! Haha