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Welcome Back SIAFL !!! (part1)

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Apr 14 2023 4:06PM
  1. 2023 here we are, stronger than ever.
    With new teams RBW and Shenzhen City and a new partnership Red Carpet.
    Season will kick off Monday 17th April at Taoyuan pitches and we are all excited about it.
    What about the managers? Did they do their homeworks during the break? Are they ready or trying to fix their rosters at the last minute?
    "Hi, Monday we start. How's your team for the season? What's your target this year? From which one of your players do you expect more this year? How do you rate the other teams at the moment?"
    Let's hear from them.

    Tony Athletic
    It’s good to be starting the season again and as defending champions, I know we will have a target on our backs! So we must stay strong and fight, just like last year, for every minute of every match to get the result we want and desire!
    We are looking ok, our pre season has been a little hampered with injuries and players being away, so not the best of preparations for the coming season. Adding into that we’ve lost a couple of valuable players to other teams, which isn’t ideal but we will be there first game fighting til the end on Matchday 1!
    I don’t like to set expectations for the team, we will finish where we finish because of how we perform. As long as there is commitment, desire to play for one another and that determination and fight, win, lose or draw, I will be happy to know that football is the winner!
    Again, I’m not a fan of expectations, so for me I expect everyone to perform to the best of their ability and try their hardest for the team. As long as there is the passion for the team and each other, we will perform well and be happy with that. So to answer the question: not one but all together as one!
    I’m not really concentrating on other teams at the moment. I know their are a couple new teams this season, so it will be interesting to see how they fare early doors with the high intensity the league brings, and I know some other more established teams have been struggling for numbers. However every team always seems to pull something out of the bag, so I cannot pick one team yet. All I can say is that I know it will be a tough year and another strong league come season time! LETS GO!

    Dido Eagles
    This year we’re willing to be the league’s Champion and why not keep the cup so we have the double 🏆
    we are having the same squad so there is a stability which hopefully will allow us to perform even better, this season we are expecting Cyro our 10 to be the top striker and the star of Siafl.
    Regarding the other teams there has been some changes but probably Athletics will be the strongest opponent for us. Finally we hope to have a great season and wish good luck to everyone let’s enjoy football and try our best to show FairPlay and avoid any kind of injuries .

    Stefan Tigers
    Tigers went through some unexpected changes, but we are still managing it and hope to stay competitive in every game. Our priority is to stay stable throughout the season and stick to our style of playing.
    We expect Jury to smoothly fit into our system of play [Grin] (long balls always) There’s been a lot of movement among teams, so it looks like there’ll be a lot of interesting, even games.
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