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We are ready for the 🏆 (part2)

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅May 21 2023 4:30AM
  1. After 4 weeks of intense football, our league takes a rest as we are gonna play the Cup quarterfinals this coming Monday.
    Let's check the teams spirits and expectations with some of the guys.

    "Hi, Cup game on monday. How are you and your team doing until now? Do you like this new format for the cup, any suggestion? Any special moment to remember of this first 4 weeks?"

    Carlos Shenzhen City
    I think we are improving, fixing some mistakes and knowing each other better. Soon, with our quality we will be on the top of the league. Having nice games but unluckily we didn’t achieve the victories.
    We all know the second phase is when the league get more tough, so I hope we stay in shape and keep doing well to fight until the end.
    This cup format is better since at the end of the year we all want to travel and relax a bit about football :) .
    Until now, not too many special moments and a bit stressed to we be in our best, but we are on the way. Thank you

    Alex Greater Bay
    Our team lost important points in the first four rounds, there is a slight disappointment.
    I like the format of the cup, now all teams have gained good shape, so there will be an interesting game on Monday.Our opponent played well in the first four games, so we are serious about the game, will play until the last minute.
    With each game we play better and better, I expect a good game from my guys a on Monday.

    Chemago Monster
    Mondays Cup game is definitely a must WIN for both teams, so it’ll be intense (Both teams to score: Monster).
    As for the league thus far, we have been an injured team but have put up a good fight every game.
    We’ve had some memorable moments from Fritz and Micheal producing some stunning goals when they were most needed.
    The teams this year are all on a similar level and the format brings more competitiveness to it.

    Marko RBW
    I expect a good game on Monday, we know Shenzhen Athletic are a good team and they've been together for a long time, but this means nothing as all the teams are at a similar level now.
    Our team is not doing good right now, at the beginning of the season we had problems with injuries, and some players were always late due to work schedules.
    But, the atmosphere in the team is good and we don't have any problems between players, which is very important. I hope we will start to win some games soon, until now it was not the real face of this team.
    The cup format is good, better than before when we had to wait until the end of the season. We had no special moment until now, I hope we will have some in the coming games.
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