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THE DAY AFTER cup edition (part 2)

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅May 24 2023 7:09AM
  1. We asked the players to comment on their cup QF.

    Let's hear from them. Wait, one small advice: Panenka=bad idea 💡

    Vasily Greater Bay
    Hello! It was a very tough game against a strong opponent. The match was full of cool moments both in attack and in defense, everyone did an excellent job and gave 100% to get a victory.
    Many thanks to my teammates for their hard work and will to win! The Dragons are a good team with excellent players, thanks to them for the game, I wish everyone health, good luck and fewer injuries!

    Darko Dragons
    This season's cup competition is very interesting because it is played in the middle of the championship. Secondly, all teams are almost equal and anyone can win.
    We played a very interesting and difficult game. We had the lead for 70 minutes and we had chances to win but we didn't take it. Unfortunately, we have lost, but we are not desperate, we will continue to fight.
    We are a completely new team and we are still learning and we need more time to consolidate. If we remain this unique, we believe that better days and results will come.

    Herve Monster
    Very proud of Monster being able to be focus during the full game against probably the most technical team of the Cup.
    Also a huge performance of Callum with some big saves at the keys moments and of course two stops during the penalties.
    Thanks to SZ city for their good spirit

    DJ Shenzhen City
    It was a tough game like all Siafl games are. We control well the first half but we couldn’t keep it at the second one.
    Congrats to Monster specially at second half where they played very smart and tactical way, working really well for them. Obs: Bibi read the game very well at second half makes the difference for them tactically speaking [ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp]
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