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Siafl All Stars - Tony Interview

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Jul 4 2023 11:37AM
  1. Let's ask few question from our 11aside coach.

    Hello Sir Walsh,

    The 11aside season finally takes over with Nanshan Cup starting soon.
    The last few months have seen the team play many friendlies and change many players.
    You are the coach this season, well deserved after your amazing job last year with Athletic.

    1. How are you? Ready for the toughest job in our football community?
    I am good and looking forward to the challenge. I wouldn’t say my coaching was the best, I just had a good set of lads who were consistently there and so we always found a way of playing well together. Something I hope we can breed with the 11aside team, try to get consistency across the board and understand how best works for us.

    2. What's your 11aside style? Is the team gonna play Guardiola attractive football or English '80 long balls?
    We will not be trying to replicate any other team. It’s difficult with our team because we all play across the teams and all have such a different way of playing. So it’s about just trying to get everyone on the same page and trying to get us playing a way that best suits the players we have.

    3. How is the team? New faces or old fellas?
    We have a mix now of old and new faces and it can be difficult but as long as there is only one main voice and the way we want to play, everyone is pulling towards it, there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s about trying to find that continuity and consistency that matters.

    4. We are in B league, should, and will it be easier?
    I believe in the lads we have and just because we are in league B, it doesn’t make the challenge any less difficult. There are still strong teams in this division and no team should be taken lightly, we will be going into each game like it’s our last and we will do everything to get that win!

    5. What are your expectations for the coming tourney?
    To be honest I don’t have too much expectation, I hope we can do ourselves proud and work hard as a team, show consistency in our philosophy and the results will follow. We know it’s going to be difficult, so we will be going into each game with a positive attitude to get the performance right and hopefully the results will follow.

    6. Some players considered "superstars" in our Siafl league decided to join other teams. How's your feeling about it? Can the team cope with it?
    I have no problems with them joining other teams, we knew this situation and talks were open between players and myself about this. If that’s what they want to do, then that’s what they want to do. I will concentrate on who we have and what works best for us to try to get those wins. It’s going to be difficult but we are up for the challenge.

    7. Any word for the fans?
    Please come along and support us, all the support we will receive will be great and give our team a lift when needed. I just hope we can go out there and perform, as we should for the fans when they come. And of course share some winning beers after every game!

    Extra: Rumors are that Vinny has signed a manager contract with Siafl All Stars for season 2024, is Tony seat in danger?

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