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1/16 of 11-aside competition. Interview with Jury Sanna.   

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    May 29 2018 11:13AM
  1. Dmitry: "Hi Jury, what is your expectations for the tomorrow`s game? You are going to play in SZ Bay Stadium. It is good for supporters of your team."

    Jury: "We have mostly full team so the biggest problem I'm facing at the moment is the starting 11. We have 18 players, all of them can easily start and play greatly.

    We play against a good team, all chinese experts are expecting a tough game and are hoping that we will lose. I expect our team to win.

    The pitch at SzBay is not very nice (we play outside the stadium), quite long and narrow.

    Usually i don't name any player, but I expect a great performance from Raz (he has been quite first games, now is time to deliver)."

    Dmitry: "What about Keepers? Sebastian will play tomorrow?"

    Jury: "Keeper we always have 2 and i will choose one. Sebastian will not play tomorrow."

    Dmitry: "Who will be your keeper than, Thomas?"

    Jury: "Might be :)"

    Dmitry: "In the squad I can see only 2 defenders Djair and Alexander. Others play as midfielders in their SIAFL teams. Do you think SIAFL all star has a problem with defense? Don't you afraid of this problem will turn to a trouble in 1/8, 1/4?"

    Jury: "Not at all and I think you have a strange idea about where players play in SIAFL,
    Alessandro, Marko, Dj, Aleksander, Josh, Zoran are all defenders. Pedro and Diego play right and left back in SIAFL; Cristian, Jb, Amga can easily play left/right back. Oscar can play center back as well. I have far too many And i don't plan to defend much, we have to impose our game. Of course with Jury center back would be much better but unfortunately I'm injured :)"

    Dmitry: "Wich teams do you think are favorites of this 11 aside the competition?"

    Jury: "Argentina (D1) 解优人才网"

    Dmitry: "Thanks, Jury. Good luck tomorrow."

    Jury: "You are welcome."

    The next game will be played on 2018-05-30 at 20:30-22:30(Wednesday 周三)in Shenzhen Bay Stadium 深圳湾体育中心外场 (Houhai mtr).

    1/16 situation:

    Shenzhen Bay Stadium: