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No Racism (second part)

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅May 13 2024 12:24PM
  1. JB
    I have been participating in SIAFL tournaments for almost a decade, playing with people from various countries and backgrounds. During this time, I have never experienced any form of discrimination or unfair treatment due to my Ukrainian heritage. Although I acknowledge that racism exists and nobody can deny it, SIAFL has always been a safe place for expats where people could express their unity and solidarity. It is unacceptable to have any doubts or conflicting opinions about this matter. As a community, we must have zero tolerance for any kind of racism, and I strongly believe in this.
    While I don't want to delve into a specific incident, I would like to stress two crucial points. Firstly, the community's response to the issue was excellent, demonstrating why SIAFL has existed for so long and how its values are more than just empty words. Secondly, all players must respect one another and their surroundings, regardless of race, nationality, background, or football level. Everyone must be aware of their words and actions on the pitch and the consequences they may have if they sincerely wish to be a part of the SIAFL community.

    Racism is an act of unconsciousness, we all come from Adam and Eve and we form one and only flesh which is human flesh.
    I think that sanctioning is good but it will have to be based a lot on sensibilization as well and education, because education we grow with throughout our lives.
    (anyone who respects their parents and humanity should not be racist).
    Personally, I have never thought about and analyzed racism because I never paid attention to it.
    I always consider that everyone comes with their own education, so for me it is not racism but rather a lack of education on the part of these people.
    (I can say that it often happens that I am disrespected, which is normal, in this life but I have never paid attention to acts of racism).
    if we want to completely stop this act, we will have to completely ignore these people who think it hurts.
    I have been in 19 countries it’s my first time to spoke about this.

    There is no room for racism.  Coming from a multicultural/racial background racism is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
    I don’t want to part take in any organization/community that has this in it. Living abroad and understanding different cultures, some people don’t understand racism because they’re never exposed to it. For generations, many people around the world have been suppressed due to their skin color, religion and/or nationality.  We need to come together as brothers and sisters to fight racism.  In the end, we are all one people. One Love

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