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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jul 7 2022 12:35PM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games some thoughts about the first half of the season, let's hear from them!

    Stefan (Tigers)
    Monday’s game vs Shuimen was a huge test for us. We missed 5-6 crucial players for our team, but nonetheless stepped up, showed great team spirit, stayed disciplined, dedicated, and achieved a good result. There is some regret for not keeping it 3-2 at the end, but they are a good team and danger can come from many sides, so we cannot be unhappy with a draw, especially since it sits us 3 and 4 points clear of 2nd and 3rd place. Another word on this game - props to Shuimen, they are very cool guys, the game was very clean without a single noticable issue or an argument between the teams. Hope they’ll be part of SIAFL for a long time.
    Overall, it has been a successful first part of the season for us. Some crucial players left, some joined, and we didn’t lose a single of the 8 games played, all while still keeping good team spirit and staying supportive to each on the pitch. Likely the only negative point of the first part was Mimi’s injury. We hope he’ll be back soon. As for the SIAFL itself, in addition to being very well promoted and supported by video streaming, photos, reviews (thanks and good job Jury, Dmitry, Del and anyone else involved), it has been the most competitive half season so far. All the games were tough and close, and getting a win in such competitive environment carries even more weight. We are looking forward to the second part of the season!

    Tony (Athletics)
    Monday evenings game was much tougher than expected and the score line doesn’t reflect the game as a whole. We came into the game full of confidence to score lots, and we got off to the perfect start utilising our game plan well and sticking too it. However once again we became complacent, allowing a resilient gladiators team back into the game. We seized control again but ultimately struggled to put the game to bed completely, gifting the opposition space and good chances. We were definitely indebted to Tiago for keeping the score as wide as it finished. I hope the Gladiator boys all the best moving forward and hope they can get some more players back on the pitch soon.
    This half a season has gone as planned, we are sitting in a position we expected and maybe even better after losing Ross and seeing the competition this year. Maybe we could have been even better if a couple of our own results, which we felt should have been different, had gone the way we wanted. However overall a positive first half of the season with us still competing at the right end of the table. Bring on the next half!

    George (Shuimen)

    Tristan (Eagles)
    The first half is over and i think the matches are very enjoyable and very competitive. All the teams are well prepared this year. Yes we played below our expectations in the first half, but it doesn’t mean that we will give up, we will fight. Until the second half , we will have a good rest as a team, then we will start training and friendly matches, I'm sure we can show better performances and will get very good results in the second half.