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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jul 7 2022 12:40PM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games some thoughts about the first half of the season, let's hear from them!

    Umid (Monsters)
    The game started very bad for us with early conceded goals. We were not enough cautious and lose balls easily. After 0-3 we tried to control the game and did some changes, scored a goal which gave us some confidence. However, in the beginning of the second half we conceded another goal from counter attack and it was difficult to come back in score even though we created chances. The opponent played well defensively. Good fight and unfortunately for us it was not our night.
    First half of season was very interesting for us with a lof of positive emotions. We had some great performance games and as well poor. Overall we could be in better position in the table. In general, in the league all teams are playing good enough to create a competitive half season and we still have 6-7 teams which have chances to reach the podium at the end of the season. It proves that each game and point is very important this year. As for us, our target is to be in top 3 which means we need to come back stronger as a team and have to win games against our direct opponents.

    Aroni (Greater Bay)
    Monday’s game was overall good. the team had significant momentum in the first half. We press hard as a unit and a few quick goals—great performance from individuals. Mike, Tim, Vasily. stepped up and played well.
    In terms of this first half of the season went. We didn’t meet our potential and that’s something we need to work on during the break.

    Anton (Dragons)
    I'm very unhappy about attitude of several team members who came not to win on Monday, but it was their choise to waste the time and challenge reputation of Dragons. Attitude is big part of football. However, Dragons are resilient to such situations as we faced similar issues and never gave up.
    Using this opportunity I want to share my gratitide to those who stayed and fight till the end of last minute. We started the season well and stole points from top teams, but broke mentality in the last 3 games, will be back.