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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jul 7 2022 12:42PM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their monday games some thoughts about the first half of the season, let's hear from them!

    Julius (George and Dragon)
    Really pleased with our first win yesterday. The boys gave everything and we deserved it. We know this is a really hard league with great teams and we always knew we’d be at the races, but were improving every game and have a few players yet to come back from injury. We’ve got a lot learn still but I believe we can do better in the second half of the season.

    Sait (Gladiators)
    We found positions throughout the game but we were a bit unlucky to evaluate them. We could have done better, but the shortage of players since the beginning of the season affected us in this last game too. We will do our best to bring the team back together to better level. Sz Athletic is a strong team and they showed that in the game. Congrats to them.
    We played 8 games in the first half of the season. I can say that the total number of games we played as a team and showed ourselves was 2. Every week we faced a different problem. Injuries, missing players, simple mistakes made in the game (because we don't know each other as a team yet) and a few other factors. None of us are happy with the performance of the current team and the ranking in the league. We need to recover as soon as possible for the second half of the season. New player reinforcement and more willingness to play the game will bring us to a better level. We will do our best for this.
    We had a more active season than before. Live matches, highlights, pre- and post-match announcements, best goals, best saves and of course a Chinese team. I think it's been nice and fun, despite this pandemic. Also Jury and Anton should be thanked for their extra performances. They made the league even more engaging.

    木木 (referees laoban)
    首先很感谢您和联赛管理者对我团队的信任,邀请我的团队参与到联赛的裁判工作中,上半赛季在您和联赛管理者的配合支持下,裁判工作非常顺利,裁判们都很享受这样的比赛过程, 我们的联赛是不是可以按惯例执行入场、终场的仪式感, 各球队的经理,协助裁判管理好本队的替补区 希望联赛越来越好,能有更多的球队参赛[GoForIt][GoForIt]

    Jury (Siafl)
    I wanna thanks all the teams, the players, the referees, the sponsors, Andres, Cindy, Del, Anton and Johan for their amazing support and relentless job. Has been a very exciting first half.
    Sometime as organizers we were tired, but your constant support gave us energies to keep going and try to improve. Without every single one of you we wouldn't be able to achieve such an entertaining league.
    We are pushing forward and we will try to do more and more for the second half. This year we had a strong support from the chinese community and I'm very happy that our league is expanding on that direction.
    We show that our community is strong and unite and I'm proud of being part of it.

    Thanks guys. See ya in after summer