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SAST: It wasn't a cross   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jul 20 2022 6:17AM
  1. Nanshan cup: Group stage game1 VS Top Stage·坡头

    Our All Stars Team played their first group stage game last sunday. It wasn't an easy one although the opponents were probably the weakest team of the group.
    We won 2/1 with Angel and Oleg goals. We were very solid and didn't risk much in defense. Their goal was a lack of concentration but the guys did very well for the whole game. We missed some easy goals but I'm sure next time we will score.
    I would like to mention Bamfo: he spent the whole game on the bench as Tiago had the keeper job for the day, but he did an amazing job as assistant coach and cheer the team the whole game.

    Let's hear from our ukrainian beast who scored the decisive goal.

    1. So Oleg, how was the game?

    1.Very hard game, first problem was the very poor quality of the field, we fought more with the field than with the opponent, but everyone tried their best and fought to the end, most importantly, we got 3 points!

    2. After so many friendly games, how was the first real game? Any pressure?

    2. Of course, I was worried before the game, it was the first official game for me and the first game for the team this year, especially everyone wanted to win when they saw our opponents in the group played 2-2 and there was a chance to reach first place in the group from the first game.

    3. Finally, what we all wanna know: it wasn't a cross, right?

    3. I think everyone who was on the field understands that it was a cross 😉 but the whole team deserved this goal with hard work for 90 minutes and if I hadn't scored, I'm sure someone else would have done it.

    Thanks to all our supporters who came to watch live and in streaming.