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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Sep 22 2022 5:34AM
  1. We are back!

    We asked the managers a brief summary of their first 2 monday games and how is their team feeling for the second part of the season.
    Let's hear from them!

    Milos (Tigers)
    The first game in the second half of the season against George & Dragon FC was a complete mess for us and we should be happy that we didn't lose points. Probably the reason for that lay down in the fact that we were lacking some crucial players, most of us didn't play during the break, etc. but most importantly we learned from our mistakes and came up stronger for the match against the Gladiators. The team was compact, players were disciplined, motivated, and organized which resulted in a victory with a large goal difference. We are happy that two new players joined Tigers (Dani, and Rafa) who had a solid performance and showed that they'd be a good addition to our team. We are looking forward to our upcoming matches with the hope that we will build up upon our last game and be better and better for upcoming challenges.

    Tony (Athletic)
    After a delayed start, we were very happy to get back into action these last 2 weeks. We knew the importance to get off to a good start again and hit the ground running with two victories against two tricky opponents. I thought we played well in both games and nullified any of our oppositions threat quite well. We were good value for both wins and should have possibly won our latest game by more. However, we take away lots of positives moving into our next two games. We will enjoy our rest and come back firing in a few weeks.

    George (Shuimen)

    Tristan (Eagles)
    Siafl Organization works really good ! But still have referee problems, i can understand they are alone and its so difficult for them , that’s why so much mistakes in the games , hope for next seasons you guys can fix it . The second half of the season did not start very well for us, injuries had an effect on this, two of our important players closed the season early due to injury. But the team performance and mood is very good . We lost points with the goal scored in the last minutes in the first two matches, but we trust our team, I'm sure we will fix it in the matches ahead. Good luck everyone !!!

    Luka (Dragons)
    We have expected heavy game and it was that way. We were obviously defected with lack of players for this game and we could not follow high intensity of the game with only one substitution. Result might be not realistic, but they deserved to win this game. No matter on our position on table we hope that we will be in full squad for next games and we can be competitive opponent for every team in this league.

    Umid (Monsters)
    It’s the first game of the second half of the season for us and unfortunately the score was not what I expected. We conceded 2 early goals and couldn’t realise our chances, thus gave a lot of confidence to the opponent team and we couldn’t equalise the score. Now, we are getting far from the podium, however we will work hard in every game to get 3 points in the coming matches and reach higher place in the league. I hope players who were absent tonight due to different raisons would be able to play the next week and we can get better result.
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