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THE DAY AFTER GW10-11  part2

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Sep 22 2022 5:39AM
  1. Aroni (Greater Bay)
    The second season opener was a tough one to lose. We understand many of us were out of shape and been on holiday. We came out and perform not as a team but as individuals, which hurt us. We fail to capitalize on many chances we had which would change the game's outcome. For many other reasons players’ emotions were high and they were nasty arguments with the opponents. We hope things get better as the season goes.

    Julius (George and Dragon)
    A great game which swung both ways. Eagles are great ball-keeping team and we had to battle incredibly hard to get a result. It’s a shame the game was partially spoilt via poor referee decisions but I’m ecstatic with our team spirit moving forward towards the second half of the season.

    Sait (Gladiators)
    After a long break, the second season of the league began. I would like to say that we left behind two good matches, but the results went the opposite for us. As a team, we know that we have many shortcomings and we are aware of this and we are doing our best. I would like to thank all my teammates who come every week and put in the effort for the team. Even in the worst case, they have not given up the struggle and support and are still continuing. I hope to be better in the coming weeks. By the way, congratulations to the Tigers and Dragons, it was a good game.

    Jury (Siafl)
    The last couple of month have been very difficult for all shenzheners. Everyone needed our "worries free" Monday nights football back.
    All teams were a little rusty but with many new faces, we are excited to see how these new guys will do.
    We are all footballers, but mostly and first of all we are a community.

    As Siafl, WE stand AGAINST RACISM in all it’s forms and this has been and always will be a priority for this league and community.
    We are a league and community with many different cultures as ethnicities, sometimes it's not easy for players and management to cope with such a variety of cultures (we have players from 75 different countries).
    In the previous years, there have been a couple of racist incidents, we consider this “2 too many.”
    As always, we have throughly and we will always continue to address and investigate all allegations made with the upmost importance.
    While we don’t condone such behaviour, we also have to bear in mind that, as said above, we all come from different countries and perceive comments and actions in different ways.
    Cooperation and understanding is key to keeping our community.
    We as a community will continue to strive and grow together as one.

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