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THE DAY AFTER GW12 part1   

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Oct 1 2022 12:58PM
  1. We asked the managers a brief summary of their last game and what's on their team menu for the coming holidays: lockdown or free travelling days?
    Let's hear from them!

    Nikola (Tigers)
    Hard game. We lack of important players, struggling to play our game and keep the ball, but we show character and we fight like a Tigers till the end.
    Great game to watch, many chances for both teams, nice goals and most important we finish healthy (no injuries). Can’t wait next game ✊
    Definitely free traveling days. They deserve holiday and 2 pints of beer. Was tough period so boys are allowed to drink, including JB 😊

    Umid (Monsters)
    We were better organised than the previous game and it was interesting game to watch. Everyone did efforts to win the game against league leaders and we almost did it. Last minute goal ruined our plans.
    During holidays, we will travel with some players to play tournament in Yiwu. The others will enjoy the holidays.
    We hope to come back fresh and full of energy. Also, for injured players this break helps to recover.
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    George (Shuimen)

    Aroni (Greater Bay) 
    The last game was a complete turnaround from the first game. We made some significant changes to the team and other internal changes throughout our attitude toward the season's second half. The game went according to plan and many players played well and collectively.
    For now, the main thing on the menu for the team is to maintain good health throughout the holiday. We have some guys staying in town and some traveling. As we all hope and wish not to have lockdowns again. My players deserve the chance to train together more often and get to know each other well.

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