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THE DAY AFTER cup edition (part1)

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅May 24 2023 7:05AM
  1. We asked the players to comment on their cup QF.

    Let's hear from them. Wait, one small advice: Panenka=bad idea 💡

    Oleh Athletic
    This is a real cup match . 2:0 ; penalty ( I miss . 🤣), Red card and 2:4 😁. They have a great team. The start of this game was not very good for us. We played slowly, lacked energy, and conceded two goals correctly.
    They played better, but in the second half, we woke up and showed our best quality.

    Ivan RBW
    It was a good game. We were the better team in the first half, unfortunately we scored only two goals.
    In the second half, our player received a red card, which the opposing team used against us.

    Boloka Eagles
    It was very nice, our opponent was strong but not as much as we thought[Chuckle][Chuckle]. But it was a good game, we did what we had to do[Bomb]..
    I liked our opponent spirit: they tried to fight back and their motivation was good.
    "Should I wear gloves next time?"

    George Tigers
    Yesterday’s game: the first 20 minutes the energy was great among the guys, we were motivated and determined to win. After the other team scored a few goals, that energy changed.
    We focused on the goals they scored and it put us into a negative mindset which was very clear in the way the game ended. I felt like we needed to adjust the game plan a little bit, since our approach didn’t benefit us last night.
    We have a few new members, we need to get familiar with how each player plays the game. Even though we were losing the guys kept playing hard, staying strong till the end.
    Every week there is a level of excitement that’s different than it was the week before. I appreciate my team members, the support and encouragement we give each other, is what makes us a great team. With every win or defeat, we know the job is not yet done!
    The experiences we share, through the losses and wins, build character in the team. Even with our differences and opinions we respect each other and show up for each other. Go Tigers!
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