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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    Jun 25 2022 8:18AM
  1. Ahead of gameweek 8, we finally had a chance of having all teams in one room (the air was smelly of sweat bodies but the players enjoyed Andres beers and were in good mood).

    1. Tim. Tigers on monday, your favorite game, ready? You are scoring a lot this year, am I giving you more freedom or are you just not listening my defensive requests?

    Tim (Greater Bay)
    Yeah, always a pleasure to play against a well organized team, especially Tigers. You can't be ready for Tigers 100%, they will still surprise you with an outstanding individual play or a well prepared corner or free kick, but I think GB is currently well prepared emotionally and physically. Looking forward to the game. 3 goals is not a lot, but yeah, slight trend of improvement comparing to the previous seasons. Probably both haha.

    2. Pablo. Greater Bay on monday, are Tigers ready? You are playing a lot more this year, has Nikola finally faith on you finally? Is the arrival of FeiFei gonna reduce your playing time?

    Pablo (Tigers)
    Our team is always ready to battle every game. Attitude is not negotiable in Tigers FC. Nikola is the coach of Tigers and all our members will support his decisions. He has faith in our team winning the SIAFL League and Cup. Every second I can contribute inside the pitch I am happy to do so. Fei Fei will only bring our football to a higher level. All good players with a team attitude are welcome to our team.

    3. Matthew. Athletics seems to be though as Brass to beat, can G&D make an upset? Are you getting enough minutes on the pitch or is the large squad making playing time limited?

    Matthew (George and Dragons)
    Each week we turn up as a team and play as a team, I think we still need some time to get the chemistry with each other but we are improving each week. The squad is large and we try to make the most of it by using all of our players when possible, everyone in the team plays a vital part. At the moment we are still working out how to utilize each player properly.

    4. Pato. G&D on monday, easy game for Athletics? You are going Ireland soon, will you still be a starting player in September or will Tony replace you?

    Patrick (Athletics)
    G&D are a new team to SIAFL. They’re yet to register any points on the table. Despite heavy defeats to Tigers & Shuimen their other games seem to have been close matches. Anything can happen on the night but we’ll be confident we can bag another 3 points and keep the pressure on the top 2. I’ll have to take it easy on the Guinness when I’m back in Ireland or Tony will have me on the bench for sure!

    5. Michael. Dragons on monday, you guys ready? You are on fire this season (5 goals), targeting the topscorer trophy? Is George taking valuable minutes from you and hurting your possibility to score more?

    Michael (Monsters)
    Of course we will be ready for dragons. Should be a very tough game where I expect us to have a closer result this week. If I win the top goal scorer trophy, I promise you I will run a lap around cocopark naked. Enjoying playing with George and we link up when we can. It's a team game so glad to rotate with him which also gives me a chance to have a smoke on the side.