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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Oct 28 2022 4:24PM
  1. This month has been full of great games and controversial moments. We have a new league leader: Athletic.
    We asked the managers and few players a brief summary of their October games. Let's hear from them!

    Tony (Athletic)
    October has been a good month for us. To follow 2 convincing wins in Sept, was crucial for us. We knew this stretch of games were always going to be crucial for our league campaign. Having the week off before the holiday break didn’t help our preparations but when we got playing again, we carried on from where we left off. Unfortunately our game vs Shuimen was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances which allowed us a chance to get a practice match and some valuable playing time heading into our crunch clash with Tigers. This was a fantastic game with both sides really leaving everything on the pitch. Luckily for us the result went in our favour and then we followed that up with another good win last week against a strong Eagles team. I have been very happy with how the team has played and continue to pull for each other, every week. I see the determination and desire to get those victories every minute of every game. I’m proud of this group of lads for what we have achieved so far this season and what hopefully is still to come. Now we are unbeaten for the second half a season, winning every game, so that is our goal for this half a season. Continue that winning way and mentality!

    Nikola (Tigers)
    Well, throughout the whole season ,we were struggling! Last couple of matches we didn’t play well and Athletics take 1st place. They show great commitment and they deserve to be leaders. I will easily say: Congratulations for winning the league! 👏 They deserve it. For us, when league finish, we will have a team talk and see what are the best solutions for Tigers and come back much better next season and try to win the league back.

    George (Shuimen)

    Tristan (Eagles)
    League became so interesting with last surprise results. Congrats Athletic players , they deserve it. i have to say thanks to my players also , because they are fighting really 90 mins , some games we lost points but doesn’t mean anything , its football , sometimes you play good but cant show on results. Still have Siafl cup and i hope we will get it ! Thanks and good luck for all !

    Aroni (Greater Bay)
    This month has been good to Greater Bay, despite injuries we faced, the players have been optimistic and hard working. We had few individuals who cracked out their shell and stepped up and scored some good goals to help us advance forward. We also had additional players who joined us and they add great contributions to the team. SIAFL has been demonstrating it’s commitment to it’s blue prints by being inclusive and standing/closely monitoring every situation in the correct manner.

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