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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Oct 28 2022 4:28PM
  1. Anton (Dragons)
    Oct 2022 was the best month in history of Dragons, we won Tigers (over last 5 years it was the first win), it brightened our path in the second half of the season and gave us a hope to be in the first part of the table. We desperately want to be 4th and everything depends on us now. We got amazing support from our fans and I feel our team is really strong recently.

    Umid (Monsters)
    We had 3 games in October and unfortunately only got 4 points out of 9 which we were aiming. Against Eagles we started well and leading 3-1. Somehow we lost the second half and whole game. We started very bad with G&D and Gladiators, had to work hard to get the victory and draw at the end of those matches. Thus shows that in terms of game there is lack of stability. Periodically, we are very good but it’s not enough to win all games. Currently we have problem to get full squad due to injuries and absents too. We will still be fighting to win the next games and also get ready for the Cup.

    Julius (George and Dragon)
    it’s been an up and down month. From losing to gladiators & monster FC to beating Shuimen. We’re hoping to build upon on the last performance and finish the season strong as our squad strengthens and we build chemistry. We’re also excited about the cup at the end of the season and hope cause an upset.

    Sait (Gladiators)
    I can say that we fought very well in two of the last three games. We have become an ever-changing team because of the injured players. I congratulate all my teammates who still came to the match with hope and sweated. We will continue the upcoming matches with the same ambition and enthusiasm. As for the new league leader (Athletic); congratulations first and for the rest of the league they will feel the breath of the Tigers on their necks. Each remaining match will be a different excitement for Athletic and Tigers. The other teams seems like all good. Hope it’s gonna be funny for each team of the league.

    Vinny (Athletic)
    The key moment of this season happened in October, Athletic game against Tigers. It was a very tight game that we were only able to win in the last 10’min. They are a very strong team, but Athletic has a great team spirit and was key to beat them! Now we need to keep focused for the last 3 games so we can be champions!

    Alej (Tigers)
    It’s been a challenging month for us, missing some important key players we couldn’t keep the level of the first half of the season but I think the team is enjoying each game and the competitiveness of the league. We still have some complicated games ahead to keep the team on the top positions and Tigers will invite for some rounds of nice cold beer after the game to any team that win against Athletics on the last part of the season. (I didn’t consult this with the team but I guess the guys will agree)

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