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No Racism (first part)

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅May 13 2024 12:23PM
  1. As we implemented our rules, this week we asked few guys from our community to speak about racism with their own words and base on their own experience.
    First of all, i wanna thanks them all for spending their time and share their thoughts with the community.

    I lived in colombia until i was 10 years old, but from what i saw, there is more a discrimination on social classes there.
    About spain, when i arrived, there were some groups that were against immigration. Nowadays the society there has changed a lot and they are more tolerant, i would say too tolerant, up to the point that they prefer help the immigrant before the spanish, so i think that is also nonsense.
    In my experience i did not have any problem of racism in shenzhen, and racism should never be tolerated.
    We are all immigrants here and we should support each other, not discriminate for such nonsense, we are all same.

    Experiencing racism regularly, as many Africans in China do, does not mean it becomes any less painful or easier to accept. Each incident can feel like an assault on one's soul, especially in public situations where you're visibly ostracized, like on a subway where people physically distance themselves from you. This behavior intensified during COVID-19, reaching new levels of isolation and discrimination that are hard to shake off.
    Despite trying to find a silver lining—such as enjoying unintentional social distancing—the repeated exposure to such discrimination is wearying and undermines self-worth. It's a relentless cycle: the more you think about it, the more it damages your spirit, yet ignoring it is impossible as it continues unabated.
    Racism in China is not limited to one group; many foreigners experience varying degrees of prejudice. However, as a Black person, I can only speak from my experiences. Sports, particularly football, provide a temporary escape, offering moments of peace and a break from the harsh realities of everyday discrimination. Yet, racism infiltrating even these sacred spaces feels like a profound betrayal, stripping away what little peace one finds.
    Acknowledging that many foreigners face racism here, it's essential to support one another, recognizing the unique challenges each person may face daily. Simple acts of kindness, like a greeting or a handshake, can significantly uplift someone's spirits. We can foster a more inclusive and supportive environment by standing together, especially in shared spaces like the football field.

    I have been playing in the league for many years and fortunately those situations rarely occur. However, I will never understand or excuse any type of racism.
    The person responsible for such action should be banned forever from the league. The person may also go back to his country since his small mind is unable to respect foreigners (which by the way, may be the paroxysme of stupidity being out of his country himself and potentially subject to other forms of racism). I see the league wants to repair the damage caused but it is too late.
    The mission of the league is not to teach adults how to behave but rather make them respect to boundaries of living within a community.  

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