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SIAFL Match Rules   

  1. By: Admin
    Sep 6 2019 7:32AM
    • The match duration is 90 minutes, consisting of two 45 minute halves.

    • Injury time is at the discretion of the match official.

    • Goalkeeper distribution and area rules are as in 11 a side.

    • Throw-ins and corners are as in normal 11-a-side rules.

    • The back pass rule applies – a free kick shall be awarded to the attacking team 5 yards outside the area.

    • All free kicks are direct. Defending players must be at least 10 yards from the ball for the free kick.

    • Penalties. A penalty is taken 10 yards from the goal line.

    • There are NO OFFSIDES.

    • Rolling substitutions. The ball must be out of play and the referee must have acknowledged for a substitution to take place.

    • Red and yellow cards are given in accordance with the FIFA laws of the game. 

    • A straight red card, or two yellow cards in a single game, carries an automatic one match suspension. Accumulation of three yellow cards carries an automatic one game suspension. The yellow card count is reset to zero after serving any suspension.

    • Yellow cards will be issued for foul or abusive language aimed at the referee or opposition.

    • Three yellow cards collected in a season (per player) will result in a one match ban. The ban is effective for the game directly following the third yellow card.

    • Excessive verbal abusive will lead to a straight red card.

    • A dismissal (for both straight red card dismissals and two yellow card dismissals) carries a 200CNY league fine, and a one match ban (effective the game directly following the red card. In the event of a ban (red or yellow) all yellow cards are reset to zero.

    • Any fighting will be severely punished by the Executive Committee. This will most likely be a ban and/or fine.

    • Any physical assault on a match official is a minimum 10 match suspension. This ban may be extended depending on the nature of the assault.

    • FIFA approved shin guards are mandatory and playing without shin guards will result in a yellow card and the forced substitution of that player. The player cannot reenter the pitch until he is wearing the correct shin guards.

    • For all other rules the FIFA laws of association football will apply.