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Preseason Interviews: Team's Managers (Tony, Dido, Aroni, Nikola))

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Apr 27 2024 7:14AM
  1. SZ Athletic (Tony)
    How's the king feeling? I checked on various betting websites, and they give Oldham better odds to get to the Premier League than Athletic to win SIAFL for the third time in a row. But you probably got the best new signing of the year, so how come?

    I’m feeling good and happy to be back after a long break, it seems like we start later and later each year. But ready to finally get the season started on Monday against the new team.
    Let’s see how things roll; you say we have the best new signing, but we may have missed out on one or two as well who have ended up with other teams. With the switch-up of players around teams, I think the league looks quite even.
    I hope for a competitive year this coming year. Let’s see if we can bring home that trophy once more and create history in Shenzhen! 🤞🏻🙏🏻⚽️

    Eagles (Dido)
    Mad man :) Eagles are one of the teams with fewer friendlies played during preseason. What should we expect from 2024? Few games, lost Cyro: How's the mood, and are the new recruits ready to step up? What is the target for 2024?

    Yes, we had fewer friendlies because some of our players were injured while others lives far away or were traveling.
    For the league, our squad looks good and ready to kick off. Cyro was good, but we never depended on him, and we have many Cyros in our team. As always, Eagles will play and compete for the no matter who goes and who stays, we will always have the best squad.
    I am looking forward to starting the league.

    Greater Bay (Aroni)
    Aro, GB has been in SIAFL for a few years now, finally getting third place last year and winning the cup. Can the Shenzhen dream continue?
    Last year, you were always the team with more players on game day. Are you going to pursue the same approach?

    Every year, it gets tougher and tougher, and we are delighted with our accomplishments last season. we continue to look forward to facing another competitive season.
    Yes, last year, we had high numbers on our roster, knowing that SIAFL is a long, grueling competition. Injuries can occur, so it is nice to have that deep roster to resort to.

    Tigers (Nikola)
    Coach, Tigers are trying to hide this *** so well, but everyone in the community has only one question: "Will Nikola be able to handle so many superstars?".
    The winter transfers are stellar, and the team looks very strong. I asked JB, and he aims for 14 league games and a cup win, basically total domination. How do you feel?

    Well, I wouldn’t call anyone a superstar. Indeed, we have a really strong team and that’s something Tigers wanted for a long time!
    We have 18 amazing football players, they are really great guys and the relationship between them and me is very nice. I wish I would have all the players on board every match. Expectations are high indeed and we will focus only on ourselves to achieve our goals!
    I like JB’s attitude and I know the rest of the players have the same mentality! I want to wish all teams good luck this season. Enjoy the football and avoid all negative things!
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