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Preseason Interviews: Team's Managers (George, Umid, Uche, Pavel))

  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Apr 27 2024 7:22AM
  1. SZ Dragons (George)
    Hi Handsome, First of all, is it true that Dragons finally got rid of Anton?
    But, all Jokes aside, I feel like your team's organization improved a lot last year; the new board has clear ideas, and you prove you can beat anyone.
    How's the team and expectations for 2024?

    Hello! Anton left, but he's still remembered fondly by Dragons. Luca, Zeka, and I split duties, which should make us more effective.
    We're excited about the upcoming season because we have talented players who are serious about winning.We're eager to show what we're capable of.
    We know there's hard work ahead, but we're ready for it. We're pumped for the upcoming games and ready to fight for victory. Good luck to us all!

    Monster FC (Umid)
    Manager, how are you? You lost a few important players this year, but you also have a bunch of young guys: Are they ready to storm SIAFL?
    Monster FC is very important for the SIAFL community; what are your thoughts on that?

    We are very excited to start a new season in SIAFL and we are in good shape now. New players and new teams will make the season even more interesting.
    Indeed, we lost a couple of key players in the team, but young players who joined the team have good potential, and they are happy to be part of the league. I believe they will show their talent and they will shine as new young stars.
    We are glad to be part of the SIAFL community and hope this year will bring us some trophies and reach new high levels.

    SZ United (Uche)
    Killer, Are you ready for the big managing adventure?
    Your team is new, give us something juicy for our readers. You signed some big names: Chemago, Fritz, Veto, and Belem. Wow, how did you do that?
    I checked around, and it seems the other managers expect SZ United to get 3rd place this year.

    We are excited for the journey ahead as we embark on this adventure with our new team. We have successfully secured some impressive signings.
    How did we do it? Well, it was a combination of strategic and persuasive negotiations that worked wonders.
    As for the expectations for the season, some have speculated about our potential ranking, but we prefer to focus on our collective ambition. We are all working tirelessly and united in our pursuit of greatness.
    While we can't predict our exact standing at this moment, what we can assure you is our unwavering determination to compete fiercely, yet with the utmost respect for the game and our opponents. We have a squad full of talent and hunger for victory, and together, we are ready to give it our all.

    SZ Gunners (Pavel)
    First of all, welcome to the SIAFL community. You've been a player before, but you are now making the big managerial step. I wish you the best.
    How's the team? What can your fans expect for 2024 and for the first game against Monster? Give us some insight on SZ Gunners.

    I played in two different SIAFL teams before, but I didn’t take part in the last leagues because I wasn’t in China. Now it is a good chance to make a team.
    We are not too strong yet, but we’ll try our best. We played mostly 5 aside. Some of us have SIAFL experience, we know each other, and I hope more games together will make us a real team.
    I hope not to disappoint our fans, as their support is one of the most important things for all players.
    Only forward, not a step back.

    See you all on Monday!
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