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  1. By: Jury Sanna
    📅Oct 1 2022 1:02PM
  1. Tristan (Eagles)
    it was a great Monday for us. Finally, after 2 last bad results, we came back and got the win we needed. I think it was a very good performance by our side, whole game we controlled the ball. Its time to take a rest during the holiday.
    I hope we will get our injured players back and I hope this pandemic situation will not be a problem to my players. Good luck and rest for everyone !

    Anton (Dragons)
    We came prepared to face Eagles, but the match didn't follow our planned scenario. We experimented some changes in our defence, but Eagles showed that they are not the team to experiment with.
    I personally think we deserve to work, actually the majority of the guys will work during these holidays, some will travel and babysit. Noone is planning to be on lockdown and we would not wish it to our enemy. Two of us will be looking for Jury.

    Sait (Gladiators)

    It was nice to close the week with a win after a long break. As a team, we aimed to be higher in the league, but sometimes things don't go as you planned. I would like to thank my teammates for their fight. We will try to continue the same struggle in the rest of the league. Good luck to the G&D team as well, it was a nice game.
    We don’t have a team plan for holiday cos I'm sure everyone has their own special program. By the way Happy National Day to all Chinese. All the best wishes for them and whole world as well.

    Julius (George and Dragon)
    Obviously incredibly disappointed with the result - especially after last weeks performance. We started slow and we’re rightfully punished and we’re chasing the game from then on. Yet, we pick ourselves up and strive on to the next game after the holiday.
    The league looks a lot tighter especially after reflecting on all the other results just gone. This motivates us knowing each fixture will be battle we can win regardless of the opponent.

    Have a great holiday, Siafl will be back on 10th October.
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